10 Spooky and Delicious Designs to Try

Halloween Cakes: 10 Spooky and Delicious Designs to Try

1.) Halloween Bundt Cake from Love Bakes Good Cakes

A vivid and festive bundt cake featuring a medley of Halloween colors. By incorporating food coloring into white cake mix, this dessert emerges in shades of orange, purple, black, and green. It’s coated with white frosting and adorned with Halloween sprinkles.

Halloween Bundt Cake

2.) Halloween Graveyard Cake from I Heart Naptime

A chocolate-rich layer cake transformed into a spooky graveyard scene, adorned with themed candies like ghoulish Reese’s and tombstone Hershey’s bars. Buttercream frosting serves as the “dirt” for these edible decorations.


3.) Black Velvet Cake from Heather Christo

This creation takes chocolate cake to a new level by adding black food coloring for a deeply dark aesthetic. The cake is split into three layers and exudes Halloween cheer with themed sprinkles over festive frosting.

Black Velvet Cake

4.) Melted Witch Cake from The First Year Blog

An imaginative cake that showcases a “melted” witch, complete with homemade decorations. Craft a witchy figure with simple household materials and vibrant paint, presenting a scene straight out of a Halloween story.

Melted Witch Cake

5.) Halloween Sugar Cookie Cake from Lil Luna

Combining the ease of refrigerated cookie dough with the customizability of cake decorating, this dessert offers a sweet base layered with personalized frosting and candy embellishments to fit any Halloween motif.


6.) Mini Ghost Halloween Pumpkin Cakes from Ashlee Marie

Miniature pumpkin-flavored cakes topped with cream cheese frosting and adorned with fondant ghosts, bringing a charming and playful aspect to Halloween festivities.


7.) Candy Corn Rice Krispie Cake from Delightful E Made

A no-bake treat that involves traditional Rice Krispie cake preparation with a Halloween twist. Layers mimic the iconic candy corn colors, making this a cheerful addition to the dessert table.


8.) Candy Corn Chocolate Cookie Cake from Life Love and Sugar

This dessert is a treat for chocolate lovers with a soft spot for candy corn. This cookie cake features chocolate chips and candy corn, resulting in a gooey, festive dessert perfect for any Halloween gathering.


9.) Candy Corn Cake from I Am Baker

Designed to resemble the classic Halloween candy, this cake employs both chocolate and white cake mixes, along with corresponding frostings. A step-by-step guide allows for scratch-made adaption or simplified boxed mix usage.

Candy Corn Cake

10.) Monster Eye Cake from The Cake Blog

Assemble a layered cake of choice and creatively decorate it with candy to resemble monster eyes. It’s a fun project that encourages custom decoration to suit any spooky preference.

DIY Monster Eye Cake

11.) Spooky Halloween Oreo Poke Cake from Happy Go Lucky

A blend of chocolate cake filled with Oreo pieces and Cool Whip topping makes this poke cake a hit. Ensure a playful and easy-to-make dessert that allows for a wide range of decorations.


12.) Halloween Oreo Pudding Cake from Must Have Mom

An alternative to traditional ice cream cakes that won’t melt, boasting flavors like orange and vanilla with Halloween Oreos embedded within. It’s essential to freeze this cake overnight for the perfect consistency.